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Herring Sales, Inc.

18207 Chisholm Trail #200
Houston, TX 77060
281 443-4694
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Herring Sales is a proud
and active member
of the following associations:

Greater Houston Sign Association
International Sign Association
Texas Sign Association
Midsouth Sign Manufacturers' Association
San Antonio Sign Association
Dallas-Ft. Worth Sign Association


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Herring Sales

Alton Herring, founder of Herring Sales, Inc. has been in the sign industry for over 50 years. Alton manages all day-to-day operations and don't be surprised if, on occasion, he answers the phone or takes your delivery.
In July of 1992, Alton started a company that he and his employees are proud of. Herring Sales has been in operation for seventeen years and has evolved into a thriving sign supply distributor. The team at Herring Sales knows what it takes and does "Whatever it takes" to make the customer proud. He is a knowledgeable, respected, and a recognized leader in the industry.

Alton is the proud recipient of several professional awards including: 2007 Agnew/Condray Excellence Award from Midsouth Sign Association and the 2008 Hall of Fame from Texas Sign Association.

It is our passion to be the best and provide extraordinary service to our loyal customers. The secret formula of our success in this business is integrity and much of the success comes from our employees, some of which have been in the business for more than 20 years and counting.


The Herring team has over 100 years of combined experience:
Our goal is to treat our employees and customers with the utmost respect by creating an innovative workplace that:
  • Fosters employee decision making and establishes an environment where employees value themselves, their coworkers and our customers
  • Allows our customers to receive competitive pricing and timely,
    accurate and proactive customer service.
If you ever have a question, or would just like to share some ideas, please feel free to contact any member of our team. You'll find us easy to reach and eager to help.

Herring Sales, Inc.

Wholesale Sign Supplies
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